Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleptsova Olga

Hello! I am Olya from Yakutsk, 20 years old. I am a student of 3 course in Finance & Economics Institute. Now I am very interested in learning orieantal languages, especially in Chinese. I am fond of studing it. From my bio I want to tell you that I was born in the coldest region in the world that is called Verchoyansk. It is considered as a Pole of Cold nowadays.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Matthew Christian said...

Hi,Olga it is very nice to meet you!After I master English I might learn other language like you too.

Have a good one!
Matthew from DC NOVA

Engage to learn said...

Hi Olga nice to meet you. I read in this website, about Yakutsk , that like you said:"Is one of the coldest cities on earth, with January temperatures averaging −40.9 °C (−42 °F)."
I hope this project keep you warm.

Anonymous said...

Hey Olga, language learning is a good thing especially with your course of studies, it will make you even marketable. I wish you the best in your academic sojourn.

Mina said...

Hello Olga,
Nice to meet you.
I had lived cold places before I moved here to Dallas but I think it was nothing comparing the place where you were born.
I hope you enjoy this project.

Mina from Dallas

Lidiane Kinnick said...

HI Olga,
How are you?

How cool you were born on the coldest region. I think it is cool, but I would not like to be born in such a cold place. I love the tropical climate of my hometown, however I have a lot of fun skiing here in the States.


Larissa Olesova said...

Could you pst your photo?


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