Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Ivanova Nastya from Yakutsk

Hi!My name is Nastya.I am 20 years old.I study in third course of institute of finance and economy.I have many hobbies. I like reading books,drawing and dancing.i have many friends,because i very communicattive.


Matthew Christian said...

Hi,Nastya it is nice to meet you!
I like reading like you too.

Have a good one!
Matthew from DC NOVA

Faty Preuss said...

Hello Nastya,
Nice meeting you on the blog. I like to read too any free time. But, most of my time, I spent it in front of a TV. Have a good night.
Faty Preuss from NOVA DC

zulaa said...

Hello Ivanova Nastya, how r u? I really like dancing, we share the same hobbies how nice is that. What kind of dance do u dance? Have a teriffic and awesome weekend!
Oh i am Zulaa from Dc.

Larissa Olesova said...

Nastya, hi
Could you post the photo?