Monday, September 29, 2008

Lipskaya Uliana

Hello!My name is Ulia! I'm glad to see everybody here!%)))
I'm a third year student of the Institute of Finance and Economy of the Yakutsk State University! I like my study& namelly english%)
I would like to improve my english & find new interesting,crazy friends!:)
I can't live without music&movies!%)) Music helps me to forget about my problems& I think dancing it's one of the best what we have in our life)))Movies help me to live& enjoying the life))
The one of my dreams is a visiting of the Broadway%))))I want to see the real, fantastic Broadway Show!))
I can't tell you about my character,because I'm very different,but I like to speak with different people!And I would like to meet namely with YOU!%))))))


Кирилл said...

=) Good job

Katr said...


Dima said...

woowww! write a big novel about you... I meant it as a joke;)

Matthew Christian said...

Hi,it is nice to meet you!
I feel you, I am improving each day my language too.

have a good one!
Matthew from DC NOVA

Altanzul said...

hello how r u , it is nice to meet u.Dc is really near to New York hopefully u can come and see broadway. I love broadway too. I never gone to one, but i will and will u have a good day

Mina said...

Hello Ulia,
Nice to meet you.
I love movies, too.
What kind of movie do you like?
Hope you enjoy this project.

Mina from Dallas

Uliana said...
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Uliana said...

Heeey Dima ti's a truth!!But maybe in future I become a famouse writer.

Hi,Matthew from DC NOVA)I'm very glad to see you here!I hope we will help to each other in speaking!

Hi Altanzul!I'm ok!Today my mood is great!and how'r u?? you from Mongolia!Uhti!How long you will be in USA?!

Hi Mina!I love very strange and with deep sence,and of course about love! and I love a Korean movies too!My favorite is "Temptation of wolves"!do you saw it???