Sunday, September 28, 2008

Assignment for the week of 9/29

1. Complete your personal introduction. To complete it do the following:
a. Click on New Post;
b. Fill out your bio with adding interesting facts from your life - it can be something unique. Please, include your hobbies and interests. Your introduction should sound attracting other students' attention in this course. Please, add photo, audio and/or video.
c. To upload photo/audio/video - click on the Add Image or Add Video.
b. When you finish, click on Publish Post that other students can read and send comments;
c. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE TITLE, for example, Maria Ivanova

2. Read and send comments on others blogs in Dallas and Washington, DC. Their links are in the lefthand column of your screen.


Anya said...
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Anya said...

Hello Larissa,
There is an idea. It is all about elections here, so I think we should do our own election.
F.e. we can post delegates and their photos on the each blog, then as comments everyone will vote(if we can do it better technically - Great). We can compare results in Yakutsk, Dallas and Virginia! and finally compare our results with USA!!!
or we can first vote now and then in the end of our work - and see how gathering information and discussing changed or not our choice.
What do you think?