Monday, September 29, 2008

Katya Davydova

I'm a blogger!

My name is Katya. I'm 18. I'm the third year student. the Financial Economic Institute, Yakutsk, republic of Sakha Yakutia, Russian Federation. I can not believe in it! I feel myself like a pupil, ahh, I still call my university 'the school', and every day I have a lot of 'lessons'. Yesterday I watched "the Cry-Baby" movie with Johnny Depp. Also for the recent time I have never sleep well because of my Chinese. It's not so good, but it seems to me I love this language very much. I'm an admire of the reading. I am reading "Proud & Prejudise" now. I wanna be something like young miss Elizabeth Bennet. I am collecting my own home library, but for today there are only 5 books in my library. But it is temporary. Vintage and hand-made are my hobbies, my weakness, the necessary part of my life. My favourite thing is the little gray vintage 20-years old dress hand-made by my grandmother, I like it very much. I want to become a great hitch-hiker. I'm interested in Europe.


Sonia C said...

Hey Katr;
i saw the movie for "pride and prejudice" its a really good one. I hope you like it.
Sonia C.

Katr said...

I like "pride and prejudice" with Keyra Nightely;)