Monday, October 27, 2008

Irina Buskarova

  Hello! My name is Irina, I`m 19 years old. I`m from Verkhneviluisk. Now I`m a third year student of Finance and Economy Institute.

  As well as English I study Korean language, their culture. I like to know all new, to enrich my knowledgeable.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello! My name is Sardana Burnasheva.
I am 19 years old. I am a student of Institute of Finance and Economies.
I like listen to music and read books.
I is fond of movies, cinema

Introduction: Anya Suslova

Hi! My name is Anya. I live in Yakutsk (Siberia). I am World Economy 3rd year student. I study English, Japanese and economics. I am interested in politics, so I think this project will be of great help.

I like to travel and I am interested in Ecology. This Summer I Participated in the Arctic Forum in Washington DC.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Iovlev Marat

Hi,All!My name is Iovlev Marat, I am 19 years old.I live in Yakutsk. I entered the Yakut State University three years ago and now I am a student of Institut of Finance and Economy.I like listen to the music,drive a car and I like to travel=))Very nice to meet everybody!!!=))

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zhenya Isakova

Hello! My name is Zhenya. I am a student of World Economy. I am fond of learning foreign languages, I learn English and German. I like to travel and visit new interesting places, read and listen to music. I have a big united family. I have many friends and I like to spend time with them.
I am happy to take part in this project, it is a very interesting experience! And I'll be glad to meet new interesting people!!!

Skryabina Natasha

Hello, everyone!My name is Natasha, I'm a third year student of Institute of Finance and Economics. I'm interested in Japan, it's culture,especially anime and manga.I like reading books,cooking and doing different interesting things,because I'm a creative person.Also I like to listen to rock music, that's why I'm studing to play the guitar.I like idea of protecting enviroment and wish to make our world better. I'll write something new soon. Bye!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gena Bezdenezhnikh

Hello, my name is Gena Bezdenezhnikh,(if I translate my last name in English, it will sound like Moneyless:)) and I'am a 3rd year student of the Yakut State University, World Economy faculty. So, if I should speak about my interests, then music is the greatest one of them. I love music since I could remember myself, and there are really differents kind of music, for example; Rock in all it's aspects like Alternative Rock, and Blues, and traditional insstrumental music like Bakh and so on, also I really love guitar music and even play the guitar by myself=) There are too many performers and different rock bands which I really love, and the list of them will be too big for this blog.

Also I can't live without cinema, and differents popular American television serials like Prison Brake, Lost, House MD, Heroes and others;) These are two things which I really love in America, cinema industry and great music history!:) Also cinema it's the way I'm studying English, because I Have all the serials which I like only in English. So, also I like sport. Few days a week I spend in sports hall, and my favourite sport is athletics and maybe volleyball. Hm, there are two another things which I love with all my heart,it's my family and my beautiful girlfriend Lena:) unfortunately it is quite other story...;))

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kirill Tretyakov

My name is Kirill Tretyakov, I am also a 3rd year student of the Yakut State University, World Economy faculty. Our republic is situated on the north-east part of Russia. I became being interested in English and particularly in the USA culture since I could remember myself: bubble-gums, computers, then foreign music and films, musicians and actresses, cars and so on. I like listening to different kinds of music, such as Bossa Nova, Brasil, Latin, Classic, Heavy, Thrash, Speed, Death Metal, Grunge, Jazz, Blues... a very short list, I just try to meet people with the same interests, and it's very important. I also like playing guitar and drums very much, I try to find free time to do but it's hard. In future I'm going to visit the U.S.A., travel all over the world, and work defending our Motherland from pollution of the environment.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleptsova Olga

Hello! I am Olya from Yakutsk, 20 years old. I am a student of 3 course in Finance & Economics Institute. Now I am very interested in learning orieantal languages, especially in Chinese. I am fond of studing it. From my bio I want to tell you that I was born in the coldest region in the world that is called Verchoyansk. It is considered as a Pole of Cold nowadays.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


My name is Maria Vasilieva. I'm 19 years old, I was born un 1989.I'm student of 3 year student of Finance and Economy Institute.

I like to travel, to read books. 

Mihailova Nadya

Hi! I am Nadya from Yakutsk. 20 years old. 

I am a student of 3 course of World economy department of Finance and Economics Institute.

My hobby is learning Chinese, reading books, for example, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and soon. I like spend my free time with my friends mostly in fresh air, I mean in nature.

I hope you will contact with me. 

Hello, everybody!My name is Golovina Irina Sergeevna, I am 18years old.I live in my favourite town Yakutsk all my life.


Lipskaya Uliana

Hello!My name is Ulia! I'm glad to see everybody here!%)))
I'm a third year student of the Institute of Finance and Economy of the Yakutsk State University! I like my study& namelly english%)
I would like to improve my english & find new interesting,crazy friends!:)
I can't live without music&movies!%)) Music helps me to forget about my problems& I think dancing it's one of the best what we have in our life)))Movies help me to live& enjoying the life))
The one of my dreams is a visiting of the Broadway%))))I want to see the real, fantastic Broadway Show!))
I can't tell you about my character,because I'm very different,but I like to speak with different people!And I would like to meet namely with YOU!%))))))

Meet Ivanova Nastya from Yakutsk

Hi!My name is Nastya.I am 20 years old.I study in third course of institute of finance and economy.I have many hobbies. I like reading books,drawing and dancing.i have many friends,because i very communicattive.

Meet Zakharov Dmitriy from Yakutsk

Hi! My name is Zakahrov Dima.I'm 19 years old. I study in third course of institute of finance and economy of Yakutian State University. One year ago I studied in Moscow, in Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, I transfered here not long ago. I have liked my new group immediately. We all are very cheerful and friendly guys:) What about my hobbies... Well, I like to walk, to sleep, to watch some stupid programms by TV, sometimes I just can't to win my idleness...:) in summer I love to ride a bicycle with my friends listening favourite music (The Killers, Dover, Beatles), sometimes we make big riding around Yakutia. I like to know all new and unknown... well it's all, I will wait new meets!

Dyachkovskaya Marina

Hello everybody! My name is Marina! Im third year student of Financial Economic Institute. My speciality is World Economy that's why I want to communicate with foreing studens. I like to spend time with my freinds, read intresting books, shopping and cinema. Also I finish ballet school and like dancing very much. So if you want to know more about me, my country and republic write to me. 

Zhetta Efremova

I am Zhetta!!!Nice to meet everybody=))))

Let me introduse myself!I am 17 years old, a student of Financial Economic Institute.

I like to dance, in fact I am dancing since 6 years old!!! Also I listen to the music(exactly Drum&bass,electrohouse,rock,alternative and a little bit hip hop, r'n'b), read  books and magazines about shopping and Fashion, interested to communicate with other people and so on...

Since this year I will be fitness instructure=)) I will create myself to feel rithm of dancing, body and health, and help to other girls

I hope you will try to keep in touch with me=))))))

Katya Davydova

I'm a blogger!

My name is Katya. I'm 18. I'm the third year student. the Financial Economic Institute, Yakutsk, republic of Sakha Yakutia, Russian Federation. I can not believe in it! I feel myself like a pupil, ahh, I still call my university 'the school', and every day I have a lot of 'lessons'. Yesterday I watched "the Cry-Baby" movie with Johnny Depp. Also for the recent time I have never sleep well because of my Chinese. It's not so good, but it seems to me I love this language very much. I'm an admire of the reading. I am reading "Proud & Prejudise" now. I wanna be something like young miss Elizabeth Bennet. I am collecting my own home library, but for today there are only 5 books in my library. But it is temporary. Vintage and hand-made are my hobbies, my weakness, the necessary part of my life. My favourite thing is the little gray vintage 20-years old dress hand-made by my grandmother, I like it very much. I want to become a great hitch-hiker. I'm interested in Europe.

Yana Zamyatina

My name is Yana Zamyatina. I'm from Yakutsk, which is located in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)RUSSIA. I'm third year student of Finance and Economic Institute, the Yakutsk State University and my major is World Economy.
My native languages are Yakutian and Russian. Also I study English and Chinese. Chinese is very hard language.
I like to watch movie very much. I usually go to the cinema 1-2 times a week. I have two dogs [one little and one big] and cat. I love them very much.
That's all that I can tell about myself.

Konstantinova Nastya! Hi all!

My name is Anastasia Konstantinova.  I presently live in Yakutsk city, Russia. I`m studying in Yakut State University. I`m a third year student of institute of finance and economic. And my major is World Economy. I like to watch movies. The last movie that I`ve seen was 'Mamma mia'. To my mind, it is very kind and easy for understanding movie about main things in our life.

 Well, also I like to draw and listen music.  I`m interested in life and culture of foreign countries.I`m taking online BSC courses of UArctic University.  Now my second language is Chineese. It is very hard to study this language but I hope that it will be useful to me in future. As most people I like animals very much, so I have a dog.  This is not whole information about me but I think that it is enough for the first time. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ira Nikolaeva

Hi, everyone! My name is Ira.
I'm 19 years old, I was born in Yakutsk in 1988.
Now, I'm third year student of the Institute of Finance and Economy of the Yakutsk State Univercity.
I like to read books, to travel and to communicate with different peoples.
So, if you want to talk with interesting person about everything, write to me.

Assignment for the week of 9/29

1. Complete your personal introduction. To complete it do the following:
a. Click on New Post;
b. Fill out your bio with adding interesting facts from your life - it can be something unique. Please, include your hobbies and interests. Your introduction should sound attracting other students' attention in this course. Please, add photo, audio and/or video.
c. To upload photo/audio/video - click on the Add Image or Add Video.
b. When you finish, click on Publish Post that other students can read and send comments;
c. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE TITLE, for example, Maria Ivanova

2. Read and send comments on others blogs in Dallas and Washington, DC. Their links are in the lefthand column of your screen.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Assignment for the week of 9/22

Dear students in Yakutsk,
The assignment for this week of September 22, 2008 as the following:
  • Introduction to the Blog technologies
  • Formation of cyber groups
  • Each student posts a bio and audio/video/graphic/photo

To post your bio introduction:

  1. Go to the link New Post;
  2. Click on New Post;
  3. Add your bio and audio/video/ photo by clicking on Insert Image or Add Video in the top menu;

Meet Larissa Olesova from Yakutsk-Indiana

Brief Bio
I am currently a second year doctoral student in Educational Technology program at Purdue University. In addition, I have certificates in Internet Integration into Classroom from Lewis and Clark College, Teaching Case-Study Method from Project Harmony and IATP. Right now, I am a Ross Fellowship recipient at Purdue (teaching and research assistant). I am originally from Republic Sakha (Yakutia), Russia. I got my bachelor's degree and master’s degree in English and Literature from Yakutsk State University (Siberia, Russia). After I graduated from university, I taught ESL, Business English and TOEFL at the Department of Foreign Languages in Technical and Natural Sciences at Yakutsk University. I worked as an interpreter at several events held in Yakutsk. I got my Doctoral Degree in Pedagogy in Russia in 1999.

I like writing essays, watching movies, skating and swimming. As the President of Yakut TESOL (a professional organization for people who are interested in English in Yakutia), I enjoy organizing professional events for English teachers in my city and collaborating with other professionals in ESL/EFL. My husband and I like traveling and living in different cities and places to learn something new. We dream about visiting Africa and Australia some day in the future.

Meet Dr.Natalya Alexeeva from Yakutsk

Professor Natalya Alexeeva

I am the Head of the Foreign Languages Department in Technical and Natural Sciences in Yakutsk State University(Siberia,Russia). I teach Business English at Institute of Finance and Economics of Yakutsk State University,ESP for post-graduates,EFL for RPMTI(Russian President Management Training Initiative). I am responsible for Unified National Exam in English in our Republic Sakha(Yakutia). I got my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English Philology from Yakutsk State University in 1973.
I got my Ph.D. in English Philology at Moscow State Linguistic University in 1984.

I like reading, my grandson and I enjoy travelling.
Research Interests: philology, technology integration, new methods of teaching.

Project Syllabus Fall 2008

Introduction into collaboration for Fall 2008
Introduction to Blogs
Production of personal introduction in blogs (supported with audio and photo)

Completion of personal introduction and reading/commenting on others blogs
Identification of small groups

Introduction into threaded discussions, identification of discussion roles (across classes)
Begin discussions

Small groups identify research focus
Introduction into PBWIKI
Draft outline essay

Begin research for the project, begin drafting essay

Continued research
Complete 1st draft of the project essay

Peer and instructor comments

Proofreading and editing of the project essays

No classes in the USA

Complete final draft of the project essay

Welcome Message

Welcome to US-Siberian Collaborative Project Fall 2008

Dear students from Yakutsk,

USA Election Campaign is approaching in November of 2008. It has already attracted attention of people all over the world. The campaign is being held and you have a great chance to become involved into this really exciting political event that usually happens once every four years. You and students from Texas and Virginia will also follow this event by gathering information, discussing the latest news, sharing their opinions, and, finally, working on a joint essay by describing the most intruquing moments.

During the next several weeks, you and your instructors will read and write about campaign issues which affect all of us. As indicated above and in the title of this project, our work will entail global collaboration, as three classes from different parts of the world will share ideas, work together to understand some rather complex issues, and co-author written discussions of the issues.

We look forward to working together to explore American Election Campaign issues. We hope that this project will be an exciting, educational, and rewarding adventure for all of us.

To begin your adventure, go to the Blog Archive. You will find a link for it in the lefthand column of your screen. The Blog Archive features the Table of Contents for this Blog. Check the various posts listed there, especially the schedule and the list of resources. We, your instructors, will guide you through the next several weeks of work. At any time, if you have questions or concerns, please see your local instructor or feel free to seek help from anyone on the wiki.

We look forward to collaborating with you in this Blog!

Professors Olesova (Yakutsk), Meloni (Washington, DC), and Weasenforth (Dallas)