Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kirill Tretyakov

My name is Kirill Tretyakov, I am also a 3rd year student of the Yakut State University, World Economy faculty. Our republic is situated on the north-east part of Russia. I became being interested in English and particularly in the USA culture since I could remember myself: bubble-gums, computers, then foreign music and films, musicians and actresses, cars and so on. I like listening to different kinds of music, such as Bossa Nova, Brasil, Latin, Classic, Heavy, Thrash, Speed, Death Metal, Grunge, Jazz, Blues... a very short list, I just try to meet people with the same interests, and it's very important. I also like playing guitar and drums very much, I try to find free time to do but it's hard. In future I'm going to visit the U.S.A., travel all over the world, and work defending our Motherland from pollution of the environment.


Matthew Christian said...

Hay, Treyakov it is nice to meet you!You have a great plan for your future,so keep up the good work.

Faty Preuss said...

Hello Kirill,
Nice meeting you. I hope everything is going well for you as you planned. I wish you luck.
Faty Preuss

Kirk said...
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Lidiane Kinnick said...

Hello Kirill,

How are you doing?
I see that among your favorite types of music is the Brazilian Bossa Nova. I am from Brasil and I like Bossa Nova too. It has good melody and the words are good “Eu Sei Que Vou te Amar” is a beautiful song from the singer and author Caetano Veloso.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirill, I see that you have alot of good hobbies, like music and foreign culture. I am also a love of music but I love reading most. Nice meeting you.

Lidiane Kinnick said...


Why don't you upload a song of yours to this blog? We would like to listen to it. Then when your band becomes famous we also will feel a little bit important, because we herd the song or songs early.

Have a good time with your band.


Larissa Olesova said...

Kirill, yes I think it is a great idea to upload music here. We would like to have your photo. Larissa

kirk said...

ok, we made a new record last week, and now it's beeing mastered, so it will be ready in a week.