Sunday, October 5, 2008

Skryabina Natasha

Hello, everyone!My name is Natasha, I'm a third year student of Institute of Finance and Economics. I'm interested in Japan, it's culture,especially anime and manga.I like reading books,cooking and doing different interesting things,because I'm a creative person.Also I like to listen to rock music, that's why I'm studing to play the guitar.I like idea of protecting enviroment and wish to make our world better. I'll write something new soon. Bye!


Altanzul said...

Hey Natasha, how r you it is nice to meet u. Hope your guitar lesson is going well. By the way I am Zulaa from Dc

Matthew Christian said...

Hay, Natasha it is nice to meet you. I enjoy playing guitar too.

Have a good one

Matthew from DC NOVA

Larissa Olesova said...

Natasha, could you post your photo here? Larissa