Monday, October 6, 2008

Iovlev Marat

Hi,All!My name is Iovlev Marat, I am 19 years old.I live in Yakutsk. I entered the Yakut State University three years ago and now I am a student of Institut of Finance and Economy.I like listen to the music,drive a car and I like to travel=))Very nice to meet everybody!!!=))


Anabell said...
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Anabell said...

Hello Iovlev!

How are you? My name is Anabell. I am from Mexico. I love my Country. I go there every time I have a chance. I will be in my home town this December.

How about you? Are you enjoying your semester so far?



Matthew Christian said...

Hay, Lovley it is nice to meet you too. We'll have a great time doing these assignment.

Have a good one

Matthew from DC NOVA

Marat said...

Hello,Anabell.I'm fine,thanks and you?I love my country too.I am enjoying my semester,my study is very interesting, and how about you?Are you enjoying your semester so far?

Marat said...

Hi,Matt.I'm very glad to see you here and i'm agree with you. I'm sure that we have a good time during this project.