Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gena Bezdenezhnikh

Hello, my name is Gena Bezdenezhnikh,(if I translate my last name in English, it will sound like Moneyless:)) and I'am a 3rd year student of the Yakut State University, World Economy faculty. So, if I should speak about my interests, then music is the greatest one of them. I love music since I could remember myself, and there are really differents kind of music, for example; Rock in all it's aspects like Alternative Rock, and Blues, and traditional insstrumental music like Bakh and so on, also I really love guitar music and even play the guitar by myself=) There are too many performers and different rock bands which I really love, and the list of them will be too big for this blog.

Also I can't live without cinema, and differents popular American television serials like Prison Brake, Lost, House MD, Heroes and others;) These are two things which I really love in America, cinema industry and great music history!:) Also cinema it's the way I'm studying English, because I Have all the serials which I like only in English. So, also I like sport. Few days a week I spend in sports hall, and my favourite sport is athletics and maybe volleyball. Hm, there are two another things which I love with all my heart,it's my family and my beautiful girlfriend Lena:) unfortunately it is quite other story...;))


Anonymous said...

Hey Gena, you love music just as I do. I can't sleep if I am not listening to music. I am also a movie lover. I love watching thrillers and espionage movies. However, reading is my best habit.

Matthew Christian said...

Hay Gena,it is nice to meet you,I like you blog so keep on the good work.

Have a good one,
Matthew from DC NOVA

tpotchana said...

Hey Gana, nice to meet you. American series are great. Do you like CSI too?

Gena said...

thanks to all;)
Pekinj ye I also love such a movies, last one i saw was "The Dead End" really scary:)
And about reading, it's also my hobby;) One of the my favorite authors is Stiven King;)

tpotchana yeah this is also good one, really good, but I likes more misterious serials, new serial Fringe for example is really cool:)

Altanzul said...

Hey Gena nice pics, its nice to meet u I am Zulaa from Nova Dc
Have a good one

Lidiane Kinnick said...


You have a great introduction.
I think I will do the same, add some of my interests in my introduction. You will not like it, but your name is a girls name in Portugues. well... don't worry I will not tell anyone about it.
Have a nice one.